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Premier Car Care at Oxstalls Service Station, Gloucester

Its essential that your vehicle has a comprehensive service carried out by a professional garage so that it not only functions to its best ability, but keeps you and others safe. Our expert team check a wide range of features from horns to lights, oil levels and steering as part of our dedicated service. Delivered as an annual full service or for interim check-ins, we understand the importance of bespoke services that ensure your car is at peak performance for your upcoming journeys. Tailored for all makes and models of vehicles, Oxstalls Service Station have an outstanding knowledge and attention to detail for the job.  

Our Interim Service Includes:

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Full Vehicle Inspection

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Oil Change

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Filter Change

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Tyre Checks

Our Servicing Spectrum

Dedicated to your requirements whether youre frequently on the road and clock up a high number of miles or youre used to shorter journeys, having the right service for your vehicle gives you peace of mind that it wont let you down. Oxstall Service Station provide two types of car servicing depending on your needs.


Interim Check-In: A great choice for high-mileage drivers, we recommend that your car is serviced every 6,000 miles or six months to ensure its operating to its best ability

Annual Full Service: A dedicated service carried out every year or every 12,000 miles

What Sets Our Full Service Apart?

When searching for car servicing in Gloucester its key to trust a reliable and reputable garage that offers a detailed service that checks all aspects of your vehicle. Firstly well take a look at your cars history and then get to work on the hands-on aspects of the service detailed in our specialist list of areas covered so that every inch of your car has been checked by our established team of mechanics. From brakes to tyres, lubricating hinges and checking air conditioning, we truly stand by our word of providing new and existing customers with a comprehensive service. Also, for more contemporary cars we check your vehiclessoftware to ensure that all the latest updates have been installed and that there are no errors to be concerned about. Once completed well stamp your service book for complete authenticity and take any questions you may have.

Interim Service Essentials

For drivers who are familiar with long commutes and high-mileage journeys, we offer interim services which are dedicated to checking your car in between its annual service. During this process, we’ll take a look at oil levels, filter changes, tyres and brakes which experience an increased amount of wear for high-milage drivers who want confidence in their vehicle for those long journeys.

Why Choose Oxstalls?

As trusted mechanics in Gloucester, Oxstalls Service Station is a family-run business who have been providing MOT and services in Gloucester for over 30 years. We make it our mission each and every day to deliver customer service that is dedicated to you and your vehicle with our outstanding range of repairs, testing and fitting services that use the highest quality mechanical brands and modern technology to get the best out of your car. Our years of experience in the industry mean that we can tackle any challenge and can provide expert guidance on what’s best for your car, regardless of make and model as we have an in-depth knowledge and ability to diagnose and repair any issue. Our booking process couldn’t be simpler with our online form or a call to our friendly team who will be able to assist at a time and date that works best for you.

Car Servicing FAQs

What type of car servicing do you offer?


Car service booking in our Gloucester garage is available for all makes and models of cars to suit your needs. Whether you’re in need of an interim service or an annual full service, each appointment is carried out by our expert team who will deliver a bespoke and detailed check of your vehicle to ensure that it’s not only roadworthy but running to its best ability.


How often do I need I book a service for my car?


It’s recommended that a full service is carried out every 12 months or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first, but this does vary depending on your vehicle’s make and model. Oxstalls Service Station are on hand to provide advice on when is best to book a service. Alternatively, if you’re a high-milage driver who spends a lot of time on the road, then an interim service every six months or 6,000 miles is beneficial to ensure that you’re vehicle hasn’t experienced too much wear and tear during the long journeys and has been checked over by our professionals.


What is included in a full service?


When it comes to a full service, we really mean it when we say we deliver a comprehensive list of areas that are checked on your vehicle. This includes checking the timing belt replacement interval, oil levels, brakes, lights, tyres and a whole lot more so that every area is inspected to make sure that it’s operating well.


Is it just one particular type of car you service?


Whether you have an older car or a more contemporary model, we can assist for all. That’s what makes Oxstalls Service Station a first choice for many looking for vehicle maintenance in Gloucester. We pride ourselves on our impressive knowledge of different makes and models and adhere to the leading guidance of the vehicle manufacturer for their recommendations. We also only use genuine parts, this is to provide the highest standards of service and the highest quality of materials used.


How long can a service take?


Depending on the type of service needed for your vehicle will determine how long it can take. Our experienced team will be able to provide an estimated time before your appointment so that you can plan your day accordingly.


How much will a service cost?


At Oxstalls Service Station we provide a cost-effective service with prices starting from £99+VAT. When you enquire about your upcoming service we’ll be able to confirm how much the service will cost depending on your requirements.

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Servicing on all makes and models

We are able to undertake services on all makes and models of cars, our expert mechanics will follow the service schedule for your individual vehicle and will only use genuine parts.


Keeping the service up to date on your car will preserve its value and keep it in optimum driving condition.

Basic Servicing starts from £99*

*All prices are quoted +VAT

What our customers say

Dan Hudson

5 Stars

Always a reliable service at a reasonable price, used them for years for both MOT and repairs, always recommend them to others, the staff have always been helpful and friendly to me which is why I always go back. Repairs are completed in a good time frame and they also offer courtesy cars if your vehicle is going to be in for a long time.

Will Butler

5 Stars

Excellent service and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful. Thanks very much!

Chris Fordwoh

5 Stars

They were recommended to me by numerous people so we tried them - personally I have had a lot of problems with garages but everyone at Oxstalls were fabulous. Good quality work at half Vauxhall’s price

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